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Your Heart’s Desire

Posted on Jan 26, 2016

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

I have often been described as a creative thinker by those who know me or have worked with me in the past. I love coming up with new ideas, ways to alter something or ways to put disparate things together. What is interesting about the term “creative thinker” is that the “creative” part comes from my heart and the “thinker” part comes from my head. The challenge, though, is getting out of my head enough and tapping truly into my heart to uncover the wisdom. It’s an ongoing challenge for me :-)

I have come to understand in the last few years the importance of living from my heart, acting from my heart and speaking from my heart. It is not always easy and it’s a work in progress, but the rewards are truly precious. It’s so easy to get caught up in our head about a lot of aspects in our life. “Is this the job for me? Is it time to move? Is this the man/woman for me? Should I go that way or this way? What if I make the wrong choice?…” The list goes on. We analyze and overanalyze to the point where our head aches. The energy builds up so much in our head area that we literally feel pain.

It doesn’t have to be that way. But, it does take a commitment to acknowledge where you spend your thoughts and energy. Are you in your head more than your heart? Do you honor your heart’s desire or spend time assessing what is best based on your mind? I’m not saying your mind isn’t important. It is extremely important to finalize the details. But if our actions, words and direction are driven from our head, we may not find lasting fulfillment.

In being such a head person myself, it can often feel difficult to connect and feel what’s in my heart. So, how do you tap more into your heart? The first step is to acknowledge what you are thinking and feeling in the moment. If you notice you are in your head most of the time, stop in that moment. Instead, practice breathing into your heart. Literally, take a breath and breathe it into the heart area of your body. It is amazing what this short exercise will do to shift your energy from your head to your heart. You will begin to feel your head lighter, your body more grounded and life will become easier.

Next time you feel yourself thinking too much, give your head a rest and explore your heart’s true desires. You may be “heartfully” surprised!

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