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What’s YOUR Currency?

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

By Jean M. DiGiovanna

Whatever we don’t have enough of we focus on. If we don’t have a relationship we focus on craving one or we constantly wonder why we are not in one. We wonder what’s wrong with us that we can’t find the “right” one. When we are trying to lose weight we focus on the food we can’t eat or shouldn’t eat or know if we did we’d gain weight thinking about it.

When we are trying to stop smoking, we focus on cigarettes, the smell of smoke, the next puff we can get our hands on. And when we don’t have enough money coming in or not the kind of money we’d like to come in, we consistently focus on money, the dollars and how little we have.

The mind has a mysterious way of working and the mind is a mind, just doing it’s job. But, this money thing really got me thinking. Lately I was envisioning more $$ coming into my life and more money moving into my bank account – you know, the law of attraction stuff? I was imagining the dollar signs, but something just didn’t feel right.

Then, a vision popped into my head. Instead of dollar signs, I kept seeing joy and play and wonder and lightness. Then I thought, what if instead of focusing on dollars, I focused on joy, play and fun? What if my currency was currency of joy, play and lightness and I measured my worth on those things?

How much joy am I feeling throughout the day? How much am I bringing play into my daily life? How light am I feeling throughout the day?

I know, it sounds crazy for the concept of money to go away and i don’t think that’s happening anytime soon, but what if we created a new currency for ourselves and lived like our life depended on that currency?

In your heart of hearts, what’s the thing you most crave right now? If it’s something material or a person, look deeper to why that thing or person is important to you or what they represent for you. What’s the value behind that?
What if that value were your new currency? What if you valued your life each and every day by how much of THAT currency you accumulated?

I dare you to come up with YOUR currency because it will be different from others. And, I dare you to start honoring and measuring that currency each day for a full week and see how your life shifts. See how your energy shifts. Feel how alive you become and notice your soul shining through bringing more of your brilliance to the world.

And, guess what, you do more of that, the dollar signs will show up!
What’s YOUR currency?

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