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What’s the Gift in All This?

Posted on May 26, 2015

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

We are living in very interesting times. Everything that is happening impacts each and every one of us. It’s challenging times like this that truly test our resilience, patience and motivation. It challenges us to ask for help, give unconditionally, and receive fully, the things we may not always find easy to do. Although the state of our economy may be tough on our psyche, our hearts and our wallets, I believe there is a gift beneath it all.

The gift may not always be wrapped in pretty paper. Sometimes the gift is learning how to be more patient in the midst of instability, or having to ask for help when it’s the last thing you want to do or staying more focused when you can find a million other things to do. It’s that trait or skill that needs improvement, and this is the time that forces us to confront it. The gift could also show up as more time to spend with your kids, time to finally tend to the house, time to reconnect with what you love to do or time to start that business you’ve always dreamed of. In our fast paced world, time is often one of those gifts we don’t cherish enough.

What separates those who simply survive during these times from those who thrive is discovering that shiny gift and using it to fuel your way through this. What’s the gift in all this for you? And, how are you putting it into action?

So often, when we are presented with challenging times, we dwell in the tragedy of it, we fear what’s ahead and our thoughts and feelings drain us. Don’t get me wrong, it is critical to acknowledge and express those feelings and thoughts, but to stay in that spiral for weeks or months on end does not serve us. We need to find ways to use that energy to help propel us forward in the face of our fears and the unknown.

Take time this month to uncover the gift in this for you and put that gift into action. By choosing to see the gift, you are choosing life. Open up your gift and notice how it brings you alive.

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