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We’re Only Human

Posted on Jul 26, 2014

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we can’t always be the person others want us to be. Sometimes we miss a deadline. Sometimes, we have to say “no” to the next charity request. It doesn’t make us a bad person. It makes us human beings who are doing the best we can with what we have at the time. Sometimes we know we could have done better, or been more compassionate or loving or patient, but we just weren’t. Sometimes we can’t always say or do the hard thing or express our truth. We are only human. We are not perfect, and we can’t be everything to everyone. Some people can connect well and others don’t. Sometimes relationships grow apart while others grow surprisingly closer. We can’t always explain why. It just is.

We are not all the same. Each one of us drums to our own unique beat. But, if we continue make ourselves wrong about who we are or what we feel, we are in essence dishonoring our humanness. What there is available are the lessons learned, the growth opportunities and the nuggets of wisdom that arise from our life’s experiences (be them great or unpleasant).

I’ll never forget a quote I once read in Reader’s Digest many years ago, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” What can those experiences we are not proud of or happy about give us? What can we learn from them? How can we be more gentle with ourselves along the way?
The next time you find yourself frustrated, angry at what you did or said or dwelling on something that happened to you, stop, acknowledge your humanness and ask, “What am I learning from this experience that I can use in the future?” Learning is the gift; Wisdom is the jewel and gentleness is the key that keeps your heart open along the way.

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