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Valuing Your Worth

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

As a “giver” I like to help and I do it from a place of wanting to make a difference. When helping others comes easy to me or I feel like I’m utilizing my gifts, somehow I don’t feel I should charge as much for it. Can you relate? What gifts and talents do you have that you think “Oh, doesn’t everyone have that?” or you get complimented for it and you respond, “Oh, it’s really nothing”.

Well, actually it IS something! A BIG something! We are each born with unique gifts and talents that come naturally to us but, because they come naturally we often take them for granted and barely recognize them. And, let’s not forget about the years of experience and expertise we have gained as well that enhance those gifts. When was the last time you embraced your gifts and recognized the difference you make?

I have finally made a commitment to no longer downsize my value or give away my gifts and expertise because I think the person I’m serving won’t be able to afford it. Or, because I feel it’s not worth it because it comes so naturally to me. When I do that, I’m not only devaluing myself, I’m devaluing those I’m serving.  Can you see what a vicious circle of scarcity thinking this creates?  We think, by giving others a great deal, we are serving them well.  But, in fact, we are actually saying to them, “I don’t value my own worth enough to charge for it, so I’m giving this great discount to you because I don’t believe you value my worth either!”

I used to think that by asking for more money, I was being “greedy” and by wanting to make over 6 figures and even 7 figures, I was being “money-hungry”.  Well, now I finally see that by asking for what I know my gifts, talents and years of experience and hard work are truly worth, and by charging closer to the value I provide, people receive that value. And, with that money, I get to impact even more people.

Making more money allows me to help a whole lot more people.  And, I can give a whole lot more money to the organizations and foundations I am committed to like ending homelessness and hunger in the world starting right in my back yard. And, continuing to give to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation because what they have already done to help my Dad experience more years in his life is priceless!

As you look at all the experience and gifts you have, are you getting paid what you are worth? Or, are you giving up, thinking to yourself, “I’m not worth it” or “They won’t pay me more”. Until you ask, how will you know?

It’s time for us to stop thinking we are being “greedy” or asking for too much for the value we provide. It’s time to stop responding “WOW, that’s a lot of money” when someone tells us their fee and instead, to look within and notice how much or little value you place in yourself. This is the time to access your full power and stand up for the difference you bring to the world because YOU are worth it!

The world needs your gifts and talents in the way that you uniquely deliver them.  It’s time to recognize your self-worth and ask for what you deserve so that you can make a huge difference in the world.

Monthly Workout: Valuing Your Worth
Here is the workout to take on this month:

Remember, no one can provide what you do in the exact way you do it. You are unique and it’s time to embrace and honor that!! When you place value in yourself first, others will value you much more! 

I look forward to hearing what you experience!

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