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Spring Has Sprung! How Have You?

Posted on Apr 26, 2013

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

It’s amazing what happens in springtime. As soon as the weather gets warmer, people start coming out of the woodwork. There are more smiles on faces, laughter in the air and spring in our step. How much spring is in your step right now? I like to use spring as a great time to recalibrate. The New Year often brings excitement for things to come, goals to set and intentions to achieve. We dive into our commitment to stay on track and then over the weeks or months, our energy wavers and we start to get off-track. We re-commit and get back on track, but what if the original track we set out then is no longer where we want to go? Or, it’s not lighting us up anymore?

If you’ve started to lose the spring in your step this month, it’s a great opportunity to see if what you thought you wanted is in fact what you still want and based on what you’ve learned, is there something to change? This is where recalibration comes into play. Are you still excited about what you’d like to achieve? Are you on-track or fighting to stay on track? If you are noticing the pushing, forcing or struggle, it’s a great time to stop and explore what you do want. What has shifted in the last few months and how has that changed your intentions thus far?

When we recalibrate and notice what we originally committed to is no longer what we feel, it’s easy to judge ourselves thinking we went down the wrong path or have lost all this time. What if the path you have been going down has been perfect all along? What if your path thus far has actually shown you more information on what you do want? Our efforts and experiences are never for not. Acknowledging the gift and the learning from our experiences is actually a form of respect. So, when we judge ourselves for how things look today, we are disrespecting ourselves at the very core.

If you were taking a trip across country and your goal was to soak up the experience, learn about the land and have a blast doing it, you will inevitably discover new roads, cities and places to see that you didn’t know about when you planned your trip. And after those new experiences, you check your direction and recalibrate your path to the final destination. I invite you this spring to take some time to stop and recalibrate your own life. Soak up the experiences and learn more about yourself. And, most of all have a blast along the way!

Wishing you a most fabulous Spring!

Monthly Workout

Below is a workout to take on this month:

  1. Pull out the goals or intentions you set for this year.  If you didn’t set any, take a few minutes to jot down what you’d like to achieve this year.  What do you want to have accomplished to say you had a great year?
  2. Take a moment to jot down what you have learned most these past few months.  What has been the greatest learning for me in my life, my relationships and my career?
  3. Now, acknowledge what you have learned and the experiences that helped you achieve that learning (I know, sometimes the experiences are not always pleasant, but they provide great learning).   This is a form of respecting yourself and your experiences.
  4. Now, take your goals and intentions out again and based on what you’ve now learned, are there any that need updating?  As you look at your goals and intentions, notice your energy level around them.  Are you still excited about them?  Do they still juice you up?  If not, look to see what needs recalibrating so you feel energized again.
  5. Some of you may now have updated goals and intentions for the year. How will you keep those alive for you in the coming months?  Will you commit to checking in on them every month and recalibrating if necessary?
  6. I invite you this spring to continue to choose the path that is best for you in the moment instead of sticking to a path just because you once said so.

Let me know what transpires out of this exercise.

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