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Slowing Down to Move Forward

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

It is in the “not doing” that movement occurs.
It is in the silence that flow is initiated.
It is in the empty space that freedom occurs.
It is in the unknown that life magically happens.

Stop running around. Stop doing busy work. Stop doing when you know what you truly need is to slow down. Do nothing.

Slow down and rest. Sleep deeply. Be with the stillness and enjoy the relaxation. Allow your body to relax into your soul.

Take time in silence. Get grounded. Meditate but stay connected. Allow the mind to rest. Be in your body.

Clear your space. Get rid of that which you no longer use. That which you no longer need. Clear out and let go.

Follow your energy. Let your heart lead. Give your mind a rest. Fall back into the arms of your Angels. Accept, release, surrender to spirit.

All will happen in divine timing.
All will be taken care of.
All will be well.
All will be perfect.
You are enough.

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