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Like Starting at a New High School

Posted on Sep 26, 2011

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

This time marks a year since moving from Boston to Boulder, Colorado and the time has really flown. Shortly after my move, work got really busy and I ended up being on the road more than I expected. I am blessed to have work in many parts of the country but I didn’t expect the pace to increase so much after I moved. Before moving, there was that small thought and fear in the back of my mind that after I move away my clients will forget about me. Quite the opposite happened so it just goes to show that if you continue to provide value in what you do and make a difference for others, people will still hire you no matter how far away you are. Building strong partnerships with clients over time of course contributes to that success as well. So, even though I moved just over a year ago, I actually have only physically been here for about 10 months, and I’m just starting to feel settled in. I guess it’s true that it takes about a year to settle into a new place but I was overly optimistic (and hoping) it would take less :-) .

Colorado is really a beautiful state. The mountains are gorgeous, the weather is great and the people are very friendly. Boulder is a fun town to live in! It’s a bike friendly town with lots of great restaurants, art galleries, cafes and live entertainment. You can find every alternative modality of healing, interesting discussions to engage in, incredible artists and craftsman, lots of rock climbers, skiers, runners and bikers and people who are very environmentally conscious. And, I am still not used to seeing the Marijuana dispensaries every few miles (no, i’ve not dispensed any). So far, it’s been an interesting and eclectic place to live and there is still so much to see and explore.

Settling into a new place after having lived in New England (CT, then MA) for over 40 years has felt like going to a new high school at the most awkward time in your life – adolescence! It’s really tested my courage, self-confidence, resilience, patience and stick-to-it-ness. While I am grateful to have family and a few friends here before moving, there is still nothing like talking to an old friend I’ve known for 20 years. It’s strange to make new friends as an adult and it’s been challenging to share who I am and what I do in my work when I have established 3 different businesses over time (ThinkPeople, Workshop University & Flames of Grace). So, I’ve learned the power of narrowing my niche and focus and to share pieces at a time so as not to overwhelm. As a result, though I have come to a cross-roads where being known for just one focus is not enough for me, so I am experiencing a time of deep exploration on how I can integrate my businesses and bring all facets of me into what I do here.

I have always thrived on change and have a deep commitment to growth and development. What I’ve been missing, however is connecting with people on their “life” challenges and writing about life experiences (not just focusing on work). We are whole, complete human beings and if we don’t honor all of us, those pieces we neglect feel dead inside. With that new awareness, I am thrilled to announce an idea I started years ago that I WILL complete by Thanksgiving. I will be publishing my first Volume of “Monthly Workouts for the Mind, Heart & Soul”. Each month will include two workouts to take on every other week and I will incorporate photography I have taken over the years into each chapter. I look forward to officially announcing when it will be available to purchase!

I appreciate your commitment to reading this far and look forward to staying in touch. As my Dad always taught me, “Stay in communication, even if it’s just to say ‘I don’t have a lot to say right now’”.

Monthly Workout

In easing back into writing, I have a short workout below to take on:

  1. Set aside 15-20 minutes for this workout in a quiet place with a journal and pen where you will have no disruptions.
  2. Jot down a list of all the major areas of your life (e.g. work, home, family, finance, fun, friends, self-care, spirituality…)
  3.  As you look at each area, which ones feel the most neglected?
  4. How has that neglected area drained your energy or aliveness?
  5. Pick one of those neglected areas to focus on.  What in you needs to come out to fully honor that area?  What has been neglected that you need to address?
  6. Come up with one specific action you are willing to take on to more fully honor that area of your life.

Let me know what transpires out of this exercise.

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