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I’m not Procrastinating…I’m Marinating

Posted on Apr 12, 2012

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

For many years, I found myself meeting deadlines at the very last minute. It started from when I was in high school, through college and in the workplace. I always got what I needed to get done, and was very successful, but I was a procrastinator. And, it always seemed that each time I would wait until the last minute to complete something, I would tell myself “Never again! I am not going to wait until the last minute anymore!” So, then what happened? The very same thing again and again. I made myself wrong for many years. Sound familiar?

For a while I changed my ways. I started planning early on. But, it always turned out if I started something early, I would just have more information to work from which was overwhelming, or spend more money or time in the end because I would switch a lot of things at the last minute. I attended time management courses, heard speakers on the topic but nothing was going to change my behavior.

I eventually realized I actually enjoy waiting until the last minute! I loved the thrill of the challenge of completing something on a deadline. It’s almost like my subconscious mind was saying “Hey, this is fine, I don’t know what you are beating yourself up about?!”.

When I looked back at what I was doing, I was actually preparing, but in my mind. I just didn’t write it down or take action on it right away. So, from the outside world, I was a procrastinator. But, thoughts, ideas and plans brew in my mind up to the time I actually take on the task at hand. Then, I realized…I am not procrastinating, I’m “marinating”! And, from that point on, when I stood from this new perspective, I acknowledged that nothing was in fact wrong. It’s just how I operate and it’s what works for me.

I ask you, if you “procrastinate”, take a look at what you really do. How could you honor the process you take without judgement? What if you don’t procrastinate, but you actually “marinate”? What ideas are you soaking up and what thoughts are you brewing? Sounds funny, but it’s amazing what happens when we shift how we relate to something. It can free us up and allow us to stop beating ourselves up about how we are and how we do things. I did not change, but my perspective did. And, suddenly, I felt great! So often, we make ourselves wrong about how we operate in work or life, yet we don’t step back and look to see what is it that really works for us. What do you really know for sure? Only you know what is best for you. When we can truly acknowledge and accept how we are, we can move freely in life and accept others with ease and joy.

So, now you know why my newsletters usually come at the very end of every month! I’m just “marinating”!! :-)

Monthly Workout: I’m not procrastinating…I’m marinating!
Explore the following process and questions below for this month’s workout:

  1. Think of a way that you operate that you are not happy with or that frustrates you.
  2. What’s the perspective you hold about it? What do you make it mean to you?
  3. What is it that you really know about yourself regarding this area? What is there to accept in you?
  4. What’s it feel like to accept that part of you?
  5. What’s a new perspective that would empower you around this area?

Take on this new perspective for a week and see what happens. I look forward to hearing what you experience!

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