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How Could Trump Be a Gift in Disguise?

Posted on Sep 30, 2016

I have heard many in this election time say “Trump is spreading hate.”  And I got to thinking, is that actually true?  Is he spreading hate or was hate already there waiting to be uncovered?

Between his comments on building a wall, ridiculing morality and lashing out with sexual, religious and ethnic discrimination, he is clearly stirring the pot of tension, anger and complete disgrace.  But there is something else he is stirring up.

Trump is uncovering those who have felt hatred inside themselves and he’s created a safe space for them to express, feel seen and have someone with power finally ‘get’ them.

Trump is uncovering the dark side of America that has always been there but hidden from sight.  It was bound to show up one way or another. So while it’s not pretty to see, he is actually a gift. Yeah I know, sounds crazy to say. 

When the spotlight is shown on darkness it can finally be seen.

It’s like being in a relationship with a partner you thought was great until a specific scenario comes up that triggers them and you now see who they truly are.

Trump is not spreading hate. He’s stirring it up and bringing it to the surface.

He is shining a light on how many people are in pain. He is a reflection of how hurt our society is deep down inside.

We are all wounded – it’s what inevitably happens when we live this thing called life.

Some of us are willing to look at our wounds, recognize they are there, realize how much they stop us from living fully and seek out help to resolve them so we don’t walk around with hate trapped inside.

When we hate we are simply reflecting something we dislike about ourselves.

I’m no expert on this. I’m just using my own experience as a guide.

When I say “I hate <fill in the blank>” what I’m really feeling is, “I wish I could be more like them” or “I’m envious they have that and I don’t” or “I wish I could change this part of me/my life” or “I wish I had the courage to be like them, or stand up for something like they do.”

When we hate we are reflecting the areas of our life and character that feels weak to us, that is not working, that we want to change. Or we fear that person because they are different.  And because they are different that poses a threat to us.

We have become a society of instant gratification and quick fix solutions. It’s easier to hate than to have to look at our own wounds and take responsibility for moving through them and make the world a more peaceful place to live for all. The payoff is we are able to stay in our comfort zone where we don’t have to face change. The cost of hating, however is killing our soul and the soul of our planet.

This election is a stand for something much bigger than equality; much bigger than having our first woman President. It is truly about healing our country and ourselves from the inside out.

The truth is revealed.  It’s time to begin the healing.

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