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Honoring Your Own Pace

Posted on Jan 26, 2011

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

The pace with which we move through life is different for each and every one of us. Some of us are going through experiences that others have already moved through, while others may not feel a particular experience is even necessary to have. People come into our life to share in our experiences while others come into our life to show us the way. As we move through life, it can be so easy to compare ourselves and the pace of our life to others’. We play the blame game. “I should be here in my life and I’m not” or “Why do they get to experience that and I have not yet?” or “He/She should know that by now”.

We have strong beliefs and perceptions about where we should be given our age, years of experience in our work, our upbringing, our family and friends, our relationship…and the list goes on. We begin to compare ourselves to others and quickly make ourselves wrong. When we dishonor the pace with which we are living our life, we disrespect ourselves. When we make ourselves wrong for not being where we thought we should, we are in essence crushing our souls and closing ourselves off to the beauty and possibility of life. And, when we judge others for where we think they should be, we are disrespecting their precious pace, putting a wall up that now separates and disconnects us.

Sometimes life throws wrenches our way. Sometimes we may not always understand why things are happening the way they are. But, instead of questioning it and making ourselves wrong about it, honor and respect your own pace and unique way you move through your life. You are a precious human being who is exactly where you need to be, regardless of what you or others think about it. When you honor exactly where you are at in each moment, you allow yourself to live fully in that moment and cherish what it has to offer.

This month, if you notice yourself frustrated for where you are, or judging others for where they are, stop and smile. Appreciate exactly where you are and congratulate yourself for having your own pace no matter what speed you are moving. When you honor and respect yourself, the world and others around you will honor and respect you even more.

Whether you are a tortoise, a hare, a caterpillar or a bird, acknowledge how you move through life and honor your own pace.

Monthly Workout: Honoring Your Own Pace Take on the following questions and process below for this month’s workout:

  1. How would you describe the pace with which you live your life?
  2. Are you happy with the pace that you are moving? If so, fabulous! If not, what do you say about it to yourself and others? Do you make yourself wrong for where you are at?
  3. Begin to notice how much energy you spend on a daily/weekly/monthly basis thinking about where you should be, could be, would like to be or are currently not. What’s the impact of dwelling in that energy on your vitaliyy? On your health and well being? On your connection with others?
  4. Explore shifting how you relate to your pace. Instead of making yourself wrong, stop and smile. Acknowledge how far you’ve come and how much you have grown. Recognize the small and large accomplishments. Be in the present moment and respect yourself for exactly where you are.
  5. Remind yourself that you are a precious human being and you are perfect just the way that you are. Begin to notice the shift in your energy when you shift your thoughts and feelings about your pace.

I look forward to hearing what you experience!

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