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Heeding the Call

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

By Jean Marie DiGiovanna

I feel overwhelmed by grace and gratitude right now. I have never felt as guided in my life as I do now and it’s both exciting and scary at the same time. It’s almost like I know my soul is smiling large and wide as I’m finally heeding the call. The soul is shedding tears of happiness and relief knowing that I am completely guided and supported on this journey even though I really don’t know how it will all happen and where it will take me.

In many ways, it requires no work or effort to allow you to be guided. It requires something completely different than the way our human minds generally like to work and operate. It requires bypassing our mind to listen to our soul – that deep place of knowing, that deep place that feels like home when you truly access it.

There is a time in one’s life that our soul no longer allows us to compromise. It no longer allows us to do, be or have what we think and instead guides us to who we really are at the core. What I find most wild is I thought I knew who I was at the core and what is important to me, but the soul knows so much more. It’s not always easy to trust that, especially when what the soul wants isn’t what you pictured.

Ah, that wonderful oh so familiar “picture” we paint of what we think our lives are supposed to be like and we see ourselves doing, having and being. When our true essence and soul is accessed, that picture can look so very different. In most cases, it is very different than what we could ever imagine and much more deep, bright, broad and lovely. For example, did I know that being near the mountains would be so wonderful and healing for my soul? I had no idea the magnitude of that until I was in front of the most magnificent front range in Colorado and how overwhelmingly emotional I got.

If I stayed in my comfortable home following my predictable schedule, I would never know that. Sometimes we have to heed the calling of our soul regardless of where it will take us and why. Sometimes we have to move boldly and blindly forward without a clue because our soul desperately wants us to. And, we don’t have to know why. Because, in the end, it really doesn’t matter why. What matters most is to heed the call. When we do, we experience the most wonderful joy, freedom, love and grace we have ever known.

How can we live fully and completely without heeding the call? It is such a disservice to us and to one another. When we don’t heed the call, we shut down access to feeling fully and completely alive. We are all meant to be living on this earth feeling completely alive and drinking in the magnitude of love, richness and joy available to us.

It’s time to step out of the rat race, stop the lifeless routines and quiet your mind long enough to listen deeply to what your soul needs and wants, not for its purpose, but for your purpose. You can have the life you truly and completely deserve filled with unending abundance, joy and fulfillment. If not now, when? It’s time.

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