Jean M. DiGiovanna

Wake Up To Your Life!

Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Heart, Mind & Soul

The perfect companion to support you in making your dreams come true and your passions come to life! Each workout provides insight, poetry, photography and specific actions you can immediately apply to align your life with the path you are meant to follow.

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Do you ever find yourself reading the exercises in a self-help book but never taking them on?  What if you had guidance and a small “push” to keep you going?  What if you knew there was a community of others moving through the same exercises that you could seek support from and share your experiences with?

That is exactly what we’ve created!  As a way to support our readers and provide a forum for sharing experiences and asking questions, a facebook group has been created at  The facebook group will guide you through the workouts each month and provide connection so you are not alone on your journey!

Upon purchasing the book, you will get an invitation to join the group.   Know that you will be supported by a community of like-minded people moving through their respective journeys while taking on the exercises in the book.