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Wake Up To Your Life!

Powerful Monthly Workouts for the Heart, Mind & Soul

The perfect companion to support you in making your dreams come true and your passions come to life! Each workout provides insight, poetry, photography and specific actions you can immediately apply to align your life with the path you are meant to follow.

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Welcome Home!

Upon breaking out of the corporate world after 9 years, I started my first business, ThinkPeople® in 1998 facilitating and delivering corporate training in the areas of Leadership, Team Effectiveness and Communication.  While I enjoyed serving the Corporate world, I had a deep passion for personal growth and development and I always looked at the world of work and life holistically.

So, as an outlet for expressing my insights in life while running my business, I started writing “ThinkPeople’s Monthly Workout for the Heart, Mind & Soul” providing insight, poetry and coaching exercises across various topics in work and life. Sharing my writing helped me move through my own challenges and inspired others to create change in their life.  As a result, my readership began to grow and I was inspired to compile the workouts into volumes of books.  I am thrilled to present to you the first Volume!

Jean’s monthly workouts are always insightful and thought-provoking.  I receive at least a hundred emails a day in my inbox, yet I always look forward to the monthly newsletter and take the time to reflect on the action steps she provides.  Jean is truly a powerful communicator.  Her messages are to-the-point and immediately applicable.  Thanks Jean, for your great wisdom!” ~ Sarah Westcott, Certified Financial Coach

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Each chapter of this full color Volume 1 consists of a workout to practice every two weeks.  Every workout has a feature topic, a poem along with color photos to enjoy and a coaching workout to take on.  Keeping a journal is a great companion to the workouts to capture insights, answers and learning.   Upon purchasing the book, you will have access to join the community of other readers to share experiences, seek support and ask questions at

The photos in the book were taken across various locations in the U.S. from Boston, Western Massachusetts and Cape Cod to Boulder, Denver, South Park and Aspen Colorado; from Moab, Utah to Northern California.

I started working with Jean in 2004 while trying to balance a challenging career and family life. What has always struck me about Jean is her ability to empower people to expand their views of themselves, their lives and the world around them. I have subscribed to ThinkPeople’s Monthly Workout for years and while I receive many emails and newsletters daily, this is always one I devote time to. These workouts allow me to take a short period of time to focus on things that are important to me. In a world where it’s often hard to focus on the things that really matter to us, Jean’s work has always helped me to do just that.” ~ Renay Picard, Working Mom and Marketing/Social Media Strategist

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With love in your heart, light in your soul and a skip in your step, many blessing,